Railway Transportation

Railway Transportation

Carriage of goods by rail is the best solution for companies transporting goods for long distances. This method has the following advantages: low cost and the possibility of large cargo transportation at the same time. In its turn, the main mission of the company "OneBox" Logistics – is to increase the transit railway potential through Azerbaijan.


  • Operative calculation of rail freight costs and their conditions;
  • Rolling-stock provisions such as covered wagons, fitting platforms, open wagons, universal platforms, timber platforms, etc.;
  • Delivering empty wagons to the railway station for loading;
  • The payment of the railway tariffs of Azerbaijan, as well as the CIS countries and Turkey;
  • Tracking and informing customers about the rolling stock dislocation;
  • Development and coordination of the process of loading and fastening of cargo railway transportation.


  • Availability of wagon fleet;
  • Systematic approach;
  • The customer-oriented approach during the negotiating the transportation costs.
  • We are dealing the direct contracts with the owners of rolling stock.