Providing 4 Party Logistics

Therefore, we are your best partner!

Located in strategically important region

Therefore, we are your best partner!

We have bracnhes in Turkey, Georgia and Iran

Therefore, we are your best partner!

Qucik repond to inquiries

Therefore, we are your best partner

Providing premium service

Therefore, we are your best partner!

International routes all over Asia and Europe

Therefore, we are your best partner!
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About us
About us

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Benefits of Onebox

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Our vision and mission

One Box Logistics is dedicated to improving the current state of trade across international borders. Choosing to partner with us gives you first-hand experience of these developments.
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Our partnerships and network

One Box Logistics has established strong relationships with some of the world's leading freight airlines in order to enhance our delivery services and better your transportation experience.
03 /04

Our intermodal strategy

One Box Logistics employs a variety of transportation modes in order to ensure the quickest and smoothest transportation of your cargo over different mediums.
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Our safety guidelines

One Box Logistics places the safety of your cargo as a top priority. With a chain of advanced warehouse infrastructure across Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia, the specific storage requirements of any type of cargo can be adequately met.
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